Sergio Rodriguez

Activist • Advocate • Leader

Sergio Rodriguez learned the value of honest, hard-work from his family. These values were reinforced when he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and have been at the heart of his grassroots community service. Sergio brings a fresh approach, new ideas and high energy as he serves in community organizations in the City of Buffalo.

The 'Unsung Neighbors' Project

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This project will spotlight individuals in our community who put the “good” in the City of Good Neighbors.  These unsung heroes are toiling in the trenches to make the City of Buffalo a better place for us to live, and we want to introduce you to them!

We want you to nominate your neighbor.  Please tell us about them and why you think they should be featured in this column.  Please include your name, their name and how we can reach you. 

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We want to hear about your good neighbor. Please tell us about somebody in your community who is working hard every day - not for the praise, not for the accolades, but simply to do the right thing.
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